Bill Cole

The captain and crew are outstanding. The captain stayed almost 2 hours late because we were on a hot yellowfin Tuna bite. Then on the way home he came down and thanked everyone on the boat for coming out fishing with them. Class act all around. Don!t usually get that service on an all day boat! Captain Bill And Crew get 10 stars!

Justin Joy

Fished 10/24/2020 With the Malihini Capt. Bill and Crew did not disappoint. Worked hard to put us on fish and when the wide open bite came the Crew worked HARD to gaff and land everyone's fish. The Galley Food was delicious Best Burger in the town! Breakfast was bomb also. I will surely fish this boat again for a few reasons Captain Bill works hard to get us on fish. The crew works hard to get your fish on the boat. Then the cook well he can cook and with a picky eater like myself he did not care and hooked it up for me. These reasons alone make a boat enjoyable for me to spend my money on!

Tiare Hamilton

We had a great time aboard the Malahini today with Capt. Bill and his crew. We welcome them to the PISCE ERG family and look forward to our next trip together!


Fishing January, 13 2019 It's a absolutely awesome boat. the Captain will put you on fish. he will communicate with the passengers where to fish at how deep. The crew is awesome as well as funny. they are well experience. The cook is good, too good variety of food that he cooks. the Double cheese burger burrito is the best.


Was on there for a full day trip on 7/13/18. This is a top-notch crew and captain. I’ve been on plenty of boats out of multiple landings, and the Mahilini is one of the best. The captain was hungry to put you on the fish so when he says “reel them up”, he’s not messing. The crew is very helpful to everyone and treats everyone with respect. A lot of times I watch how the crew helps people with disabilities or are new to Fishing. I tell you these guys on here were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The fish count wasn’t very good this day, but it wasn’t because of the captain. He brought us right onto tuna boils, and the fish just didn’t want to play. We probably hit over 20 boils where you could see 30-60 lbs fish just jumping out of the water. It was awesome nonetheless. Some important things that I always notice is the crew kept constant watch of the bathroom, boat deck, and galley. I appreciate that cause I would want to bring my daughter on board when she’s old enough. On the plus side, food was also delicious, and there’s a permanently open window next to the cooking station which helps keep the cooking smells out of the galley. (Just crucial to people who Get seasick and want to rest in the galley). All and All, no complaints from me and if you did, the captain is more than willing to listen. bsonny1994 Orange County, California.

Angelic Holub

What a PHENOMENAL time with Capt. Bill and the crew. Everyone was so nice and helpful. My husband and I had such a great experience. If I were to do a whole day fishing trip again I wouldn’t hesitate to go with these AWESOME gentleman! Thanks so much guys, you rock!

Malihini Sportfishing

Malihini specializes in 3/4 day fishing local and at the Coronado Islands for Yellowtail, Bonito, Barracuda, Halibut, Rockfish, White Sea Bass, and Sculpin.