About us

Where we fish
Coronado Islands or offshore kelp beds.

Our three quarter day trip fishes any were from 7 to 30 miles from Point Loma to find fish including the Coronado Islands or offshore kelp beds and provides a full day of fishing in less than 'full day' time. A great trip for those on a tight schedule!

In the spring, summer and fall trips, we target surface game fish including yellowtail, white sea bass, barracuda, bonito, and calico bass.

Malihini Sportfishing - H&M Landing on San Diego Bay - 3/4 Day Open Party and Private Charter Trips.


Our Winter trips we try to focus on rock cod because we know that in California you can't fish for the oh so good rock fish like red Vermillion rock fish, salmon grouper, yummy or the ling cod. But you can where we fish just 55 minutes arcoss the border in the waters of Mexico. Very good fishing has been had. Come take a trip and see for yourself.

Available all year. This intermediate length trip of nine to ten hours departs from H&M Landing at 5:30 AM. Targeted fishing grounds include the Coronado Islands - which lie 14 miles south of San Diego in Mexican waters, the Baja Coast and offshore banks. When fishing in Mexican waters, a Mexican fishing license is included in the fare.

Spring, summer and fall trips target Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Calico Bass, Barracuda and Bonito. Winter trips target Sand Bass, Rock Cod and over 50 fifty species of bottom fish.
Like the boats running half day trips, a full galley is available. There are no sleeping accommodations.


  1. Have Fun!
    Its your time, enjoy it.
  2. Tell Your Own Lies
    Carry your own weight and lies.
  3. Bait Your Own Hooks
    Grab a bait, pin it on, toss it out, and fish.

Our amazing team

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